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Email is not fetched


I've used osTicket a couple of years back but stopped with my company. Now I've reinstalled osTicket v1.1.10 but mail does not apear to be fetched.

Is there a way I can debug this?

System debug output of cron run:

Cron Job

Cron job executed []

Log Date: 11/22/2016 10:31:29 AM IP Address:


osTicket Versionv1.10 (901e5ea) —  Up to date
Web Server SoftwareApache
MySQL Version5.6.34
PHP Version5.6.28
IMAP+SSL setup with Dovecot v2.2.26.0

A connection is made with the IMAP server when configuring the Email address, and also when saving an update to the email address. It shows up in the dovecot log.

But apart from that no connection is made or mail is fetched when running the cron. As I cannot find the auto-cron option I assume it is removed from v1.0.10

Cron does not work with PHP 5.6.28 but also does not work with PHP 7.0.13

If anyone could help me where to look for more info why the cron does not work would be much apreciated :-)



  • "Cron does not work with PHP 5.6.28 but also does not work with PHP 7.0.13"

    Can you please expand on this statement?

    Are you getting a PHP error?

    How is your cron setup ?

    Did you enable email polling?
    (Admin panel -> Settings -> Emails -> Email Fetching

    Did you enable it at the email address?
    Admin panel -> Emails -> your collection email -> Fetching Email via IMAP or POP -> Status: Enable?
  • edited November 2016

    Mail server and osTicket are on the same server?
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