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Ticket not opening with Email Fetching

I installed the new version of osticket 1.10 on a linux server at my hosting provider using cpanel.
The email set on OsTicket is configured to fetch at 5 minutes new emails and open tickets but this is not happening if no one is logged in the Agent Panel hitting refresh. After refresh all tickets are opened with the date and time of the refresh.

Incoming Emails: 
Email Fetching: Enable     Fetch on auto-cron  

I set also a cron in the web server to fetch the emails every 5 mintues, still i have to be logged in and refresh the Agent Pannel.
*/5****php -q /public_html/api/cron.php
Any idea how can I configure the OsTicket to open tickets like the old version, without refresh to Agent Pannel?
Or this is not possible any more?

Thank you in advance


  • Hello, 

    What is your cron log saying? For some reason, to make it work, I had to use:
    "  *  *  *  *  * nobody /usr/bin/php /######/upload/api/cron.php"

  • edited November 2016
    tks for your reply
    In my case i am using a shared server, i had to mention the /home/cPanel_user/
    i managed to make it work with

    *****php -q /home/cPanel_user/public_html/api/cron.php
  • Mail server and osTicket are on the same server?
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