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Attachment on file system plugin

Does the "Storage :: Attachments on the Filesystem" works on 1.10?
I've uploaded it on two installations and I can't see it on system preferences.
I've attached my system details.


  • edited November 2016
    I haven't tried it personally, but Uploading a plugin is not installing a plugin.

    You have to go to Admin panel -> Manage -> Plugins
    Add New Plugin
    Install it.
    Click on it and configure it.
    Click Save Changes.
    Click the tick box.
    Click More -> Enable.

    I can install and configure it on my system fine.  [But I do not use it.]
  • Thanks!
    I have one questions.
    When I use copy and paste to add images on a ticket answer, will them stored on file system if I use this plugin?
  • If you use the storage-fs plugin all attachments will be stored on the file system.
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