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Help - Show to all users all of threads resolved.

Hi guys, i am try to show to all users all of threads resolved.

I want a page where all users can consult all threads resolved (No only his threads resolved)

Anyone help? :) 


  • Why not use advanced search? Just tick "Status" > "is" and then from drop-down list chose Resolved.

    It will create extra tab (Next to My Tickets), which will show all results.

  • The problem is normal users only can see his tickets.

    And i want a page where a normal user (Not Agent) can see all tickets resolved.
  • Hello, you need to go to 
    Admin Panel > Agents > Pick agent > Permissions > Miscellaneous > enable  "Search — See all tickets in search results, regardless of access"

    I have not played with this feature myself, so I am not sure if they would be able to view contents of tickets, but search should work.
  • I think u dont understant me.

    We have 2 diference login:


    Normal users.

    I want create a page where all "Normal Users" (NOT Admin/Agent) can consult all threads resolved (No only his threads resolved).

  • If you use Organizations you can set up one User to have access to all that Organizations tickets (but it only works moving forward and does not grant access to old tickets).

    Other wise what you are describing is only doable by an Agent.
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