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Knowledgebase > Categories, cannot add new category.

Hello, I have a very bizarre issue. I cannot add a new category to knowledgebase. 
  • I have checked apache logs, but unfortunately there are no error, even after turning on error_reporting = E_ALL
  • Inspecting page using chrome developer tool did not show any issues in console.
  • I have default language (English) pack installed.
  • I had fresh DB install of osTicket, thus there were no previous categories.
I have attached info about osTicket system and screenshot of the issue. As you can see, there is nothing under "Category Information", after pressing Add, it gives error message: "Unable to add this category. Correct any errors below and try again.", which makes sense as name should be set before adding the category.


  • edited November 2016
    Bizarre, attachments were not attached on initial post on first try.

  • Right, this ticket can be closed. I found out the issue:
    In Admin Panel > Settings > System > System Languages you must have selected actual language (English (United States) and not left as "-- Select a Language --".

    Thanks and sorry for a useless ticket.
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