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Upgrade not being seen

I am currently running 1.9.12 and I am trying to upgrade to either 1.9.14 or 1.10.  I have downloaded both 1.9.14 and 1.10 (I tried both seperately), uploaded the upload folder to the server, and logged into the admin panel.  Nothing happens.  I try to manually run the upgrade.php and it tells me that the system is already at 1.9.12 with no pending patches to apply.  I have restarted iis and rebooted the machine.

Is there something somewhere that I can run to make it see the new upgrade?  Does the database track versions?  I inherited this setup so there is a chance of attempted or failed upgrades that I do not know about.

Current system:
OS: Winodws 2008 R2 SP1
OsTicket: 1.9.12
Php 5.6.0


  • If you copied the contents of the upload folder into the folder you have for 1.9.12 it will see the upgrader and run it when you log in.  If it does not then you put the files in the wrong place.
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