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[resolved] Migrate OST DB from Linux to Windows

i am using OST v1.9.8.

In current OST, it's running in Linux server with Apache 

Apache Version2.2.29
PHP Version5.5.25
MySQL Version5.5.52-cll

now try to migrate it to Windows Server 2012 R2 with IIS
IIS 8.5
PHP version 5.5.37
MySQL Server 5.7.11

i copy all OST files from Linux to Windows, believing there is no different for Windows or Linux, Apache or IIS.
And i export MySQL database into SQL file in original OST (Linux server), then import SQL file in the new OST on Windows server.

i've used a PHP test script to test the database connection in Windows server, no problem.
So database exist and user privileges are fine.

however, when try to open OST in the new Windows server, always says "Fatal Error", "Unable to connect to the database"
No PHP errors found. So I'm stuck.

any pointers please?


  • It sounds like you neglected to setup the MySQL user, or neglected to grant them privs to the "newly restored" database.  Or you did and didn't update the username/password in the /include/ost-config.php file.

    Please confirm both of those things and let me know. :)
  • @ntozier  It is not the same DB name, user in the new server.
    we did setup a new MySQL DB name, new user, grant privileges and update the ost-config.php

    But the new DB user password given to me is EMPTY. Is it OK for OST v1.9.8 ?
    I read some threads saying DB user password cannot be EMPTY?

  • No.  It needs to have a password.
  • Will be trying out again. Update here later.
  • Create a password for the DB user and now the migration works fine (from Linux to Windows Server 2012)
    Can close this thread. thanks.
  • Very welcome. :)
This discussion has been closed.