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proper export and import function

What i mis the most in OS ticket is a proper Export / import function for

  • Tickets
  • Organizations
  • users
  • settings



  • I'm not sure how you can miss most of those things... since most of them have never existed in osTicket, and the ones that did, still are present.
  • edited December 2016

    I dont think you don't understand me  

    (or i just absolutely dont understand your awnser';) )

  • edited December 2016

    let me try anotrher sentence..Hope now you understand me

    suggestion :  a proper Export / import  function in OST

    i know theres a export on users and orgs.

    I dont want to click on several links in order to create a  backup

    however i talk about a complete backup (export - import) solution.

    a one click solution in the admin view

  • Ah I see.  You are suggesting that the existing import and export options be expanded to include more things.
  • yeah ..a one click solution in order to backup settings and contents (and a one click import)

    Perhaps a admin view can be created to select what to backup.

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