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How do we get multilayer help topics


We want to assign tickets to an individual agent in the different country.
Help Topic (Department)
----- IT Ifrastructure 
Sub Topic 1 (Issue Area)
----- WiFi Network (list of topics)
Sub Topic 2 (Region)
----- Singapore (List of regions)  ------> this should redirect to Singapore IT
----- Japan ------> this should redirect to Japan IT
----- Spain ------> this should redirect to Spain IT

Please help me to know the steps for the same



  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Help Topics.
    Click Add New Help Topic.
    name it whatever you want.
    configure it however you want.
    Select Parent Topic as what you want the top to be.
  • Hi

    Thanks for this information. I am aware of this. But I am looking for 3 layer of dropdown menu so we can exact pinpoint region->department->support area which will direct to right person.

    Please help if anyone has any idea.

  • Hi ntozier,

    Something like this which you posted in one of the thread....

  • Then it looks like you alrady have your answer. :)
  • Can you or anyone guide me how to get that plugin and install it in v1.10 

  • It's not a plugin, its a mod.
    You download the modified files and put them where they belong.
  • @ntozier, does it work with 1.10 version? any one tried this?
    I am really in desp need. some one help me on my requirement please.

  • I did not write the mod.  I do not use the mod.  I have no way of answering your question as to if it works on current accurately.  However I would presume that it does not since it was written Jun 30 2016 well before 1.10 was released.
  • @ntozier is there any solution for having multiple dropdown sub topics ?

    Anyone can help ?
  • Not that I am aware of.
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