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Time Spent

Still no method to enter time spent on a ticket :(

This really is a vital part of measuring staff productivity and where time is being spent in areas that require attention.

Even just a simple text entry would be good.


  • edited December 2016
    IMO : time spent in a ticket system not very usefull. For these kind of trackings a project Management tool is needed,  OSTicket is no Project Management Tool
  • @stuartt 
    You can add any fields that you want.

    Admin panel -> manage forms -> ticket details.
    add your field.
    click config.
    require it for close.

  • @ntozier
    Thanks, I had a look at that but it is not going to do what I require
  • You said "Even just a simple text entry would be good."
    So why wouldn't a simple text entry do what you want it to do?  /looks confused
  • I have implemented this in a previous version and (when time permits) will get it into 1.10.

    We have it so we can invoice clients for time spent solving problems and it is invaluable in measuring productivity etc.
  • Just to add, time spent on a ticket does matter to enterprise and Microsoft Service Providers. Yes a PM tool would be ideal, but it's also now having to use more than one application if all they want extra is time tracking on tickets. It can be pointless to one person, but invaluable to another as Mal said.

  • malmal
    edited January 2017

  • Ok, I've got the changes into v1.10. If anyone wants them, they are welcome to them. Just let me know. Not sure what format you want the files in, however I can produce a diff if that helps
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