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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

IO Exception

Upgraded from 1.9.15 to the stable 1.10. Upgrade went well, just noticing the following IO Exception in my log quite a bit. "Z" folder is in there, just no attachement with that file name...wasn't in my 1.9.x backup either.



OSTicket 1.10

Server 2012 R2 Datacenter (fully patched)

IIS 8 (And yes, the IUSR account IIS uses for anonymous web has FULL access to the 'attachments' folder) 

PHP 5.6.28

MySQL 5.7.16


  • I can think of two reasons why you wouldn't be able to "open for reading"
    1. the file doesn't exist.
    2. the user does not have access to the file.
  • That's the funny thing. I backed up my entire 1.9.15 folders prior to my upgrade to 1.10 and the referenced file in the error wasn't there to begin with prior to the upgrade. It's not causing anything to not work...just getting a lot of these errors in the log and really nothing telling me what is trying to reference this file.
  • I presume that you are using the storage-fs plugin?
    Did you migrate all your attachments out of the database to the filesystem?
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