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Stupid mistake

Hi guys
Just a quick question - what file do I need to keep to reinstall osTicket?
One of the devs accidently uploaded another installation over the top of the osTicket install so now there is an amalgamation of all the files in the directory.
I'm intending to delete all the files and upload the latest install but which file(s) do I need to keep to ensure that the old tickets are all fully available?

TIA :)


  • I think I've Figured it out (it's working properly again) but would like a definitive answer.

  • There aren't really any required files to keep.

    The only file(s) sorta required are:

    Reason: it stores the database connection information.  But you could easily recreate it using the template for the file included with every install.

    If you use the storage-fs plugin you would of course need your attachment (and any sub) folders.
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