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Items getting deleted in knowledgebase

I have (windows command-line) commands in the knowledgebase for technicians but the common "<" and ">" get removed when you go to edit the next time (on editor load).  Is there any tricks to keep these or do I need to just change what characters I'm using.  I'm guessing this is thinking they are invalid HTML tags??


  • Try using ANDgt; ANDlt; where AND is the & symbol.
    Alternatively you could try switching to the code view and typing he character there and saving.
    I think that your correct re HTML.
  • Yes!  Thank you @ntozier !  Works like a charm!
  • Very welcome. :)
    Which one worked for you?
  • I thought it was working... :(

    Here is an example (I am using the ampersand instead of the word AND)

    this: ping ANDlt;IP ADDRESSANDgt; (in HTML)
    saved in HTML mode : only shows "ping"
    changed back to wysiwyg before saving as expected but disappears when going back into edit.

    What is funny is I can save that code (ANDlt;) in wysiwyg and it shows the code in the KB.  But when I hit edit it shows in the editor as expected. :)

    I am running 1.9.14 and I have the js in the footer that translates ticket numbers into links.  Don't know if that has anything to do with it.

    It is not that big of a deal though. I can substitute the symbols.  No biggie.  Thank you for the quick reply!!!

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