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multiple country or country in one hosting.

Is there any way I can show the user (i only have company users & selected company agents) detailed ticket form which is enabled in agent login.

I want my users to raised the tickets with more details like selecting department, due date, status etc.

Please help.


  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Forms -> Ticket Details

    You can add a bunch of things.  When it comes to Priority, Department, and Asignee however make sure that you click on the Config button and make it so only users can see it, other wise the Agent side will display the field twice.
  • edited December 2016
    Thanks ntozier,

    Also could you please help me to know, if how do I add one more type in the list. 
    See the attachment.
    I am not able to find the option where I can add status.


  • Admin panel -> Manage -> Lists -> Ticket Statuses

    All additional statuses are archetyped to one of the basic ones.
  • Hi ntozier,

    One last help from you. I want to do following.
    Help Topic

    Sub Topic (which is list which I will create)

    When user select IT - Singapore ticket should go to singapore IT. Likewise when user select IT - Spain, ticket should go to Spain IT department.
    I know i can use parent topic option but it will create a long list of help topics and it wont be easy for user to drill down to last options if I have 50 topics.

    Shortest way i could see is use Help Topic and Sub topic. Can you guide as in how to achive this.

    Sorry to bother you much.
  • osTicket does not currently have the concept of substatuses that are drilled down to like you have suggested.  Users would see all 50 help topics by clicking on the drop down box.
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