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Black Frame on search bar

Hi all,

I have a little bit issue after I upgrade the osTicket version from 1.9.14 to 1.10.
You can see there have a black frame on search when I go to Ticket pages. But after I click once anywhere on the pages the frame will disappear. Is not a big issue, no impact for my use, just report.
OS Version : CentOS7
osTicket Version : 1.10


  • I have seen this as well, but only when using Firefox. When I use Chrome it is not present. There are a lot of quirky weird things I experience when using 1.10 in Firefox. 
  • I haven't seen this personally, but when I asked the devs I got the following response: "I think that's a highlight that is a CSS property. Most OS are different like apple is the blue highlight and I think the black is Linux."
  • I have OST running on a windows server, and I get this in Win10. I don't have any Linux in my environment. I get this in both the ESR version of Firefox and normal release channel. 

    But as I said there are a lot of strange quirky formatting/CSS things that i experience in Firefox that I don't in Chrome. Often I have the cursor randomly jumping back to top when I am typing a reply to a user.

    Another that I have seen reported before is where the cursor isn't positioned correctly when typing a reply (until you start typing). I just try to avoid using Firefox for my tickets.

    I am not trying to hijack the thread, just saying that the black outline does not happen for me outside of Firefox and that Firefox also exhibits other weird behavior in my environment.

  • For comparison, here is where my cursor position is when typing a reply in Chrome

  • I spoke with a friend of mine that does a lot more with web design than I do and we just commented out a line in [sitename]\support\scp\css\scp.css and the black frame went away.

    Line 1887:   /*  outline-style: auto; */

    Doesn't appear to have changed the way it appears in Chrome.

    Hope that helps. It was really more a nuisance than anything for me, but I guess that line lets Firefox decide how it wants to handle displaying that and apparently "auto" for Firefox defaults to booty-mode.

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