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Link tasks to ticket

You can add a task to a ticket, and view the different tasks belonging to the ticket, which is great.

But, once on the 'Tasks' tab, there's no link from there to the ticket, to get the overview. It would be great if this could be implemented.


  • I don't use tasks yet (since they are borked under IIS with no CSS) but I'm not real sure what you mean.  Can you provide a mock up image or a better description of what you are suggesting?
  • What he means is that if you open a task list (Task tab) or click on a task to view details, there is no reference to the original ticket, which means if you did not put additional information about the ticket inside task, you won't know for which ticket the task belongs to. :)

    I took a look at the code, as far as I can see, there is no easy way to add ticket id, given that is basically a copy of, just with changed queries and few bits and pieces.

    Without adding extra JOIN to the query, which would link _tickets table, I am not sure it is possible (could be wrong though, had a 5 minute peek at the code only) to add ticket_id to the Tasks view or inside a task.
  • @sperrow Yes, thanks for your clarification. That's what i mean!
  • There is also the consideration that Tasks can be assigned to people who may or may not have access to the original ticket...

    It's my understanding that when a task is created all information to complete the task should be put in the task so the person that it is assigned to can complete it.
  • @ntozier Even if someone is assigned a task and does not have access to open the original ticket having it there and adding in a few catch errors is not a half bad add-on or suggestion. @evlee is actually referencing a general philosophy I needed and developed for osticket 1.6 or 1.7 (lost track now)

    In my original mod I went as far as to overhaul the view of the main ticket list to show the nesting of the "linked" tickets. Which if I am going ot be perfectly honest even with the concept of tasks linking/ connecting tickets together is still a concept which I see a need to do. I think the basic concept that @evlee & @sperrow are referring to can be best illustrated by this image taken from the mod I referenced working in osTicket.

    I hope this helps.
  • I would really like this feature.
    once a task was created from the ticket, an email is sent. the agent can view the task but there is no link to the original ticket - so the agent is not aware of the context of the task.

    note that sometimes the ticket is assigned to an agent but the task can be assigned to another agent. the second agent should be able to view the ticket - although it is not assigned to it. think of it as a Participants to the ticket. all agent assigned to tasks coming from a ticket, should be Participants to the ticket. but maybe not the owner?
  • @Rich_C: You MOD sounds great and exactly what I also would like to have. Could you please share it with us?
    Thank you!
  • @arnonl

    Where I was working before we used to call this ticket ownership. So the primary ticket was owned (where I worked) by tier 1. Tasks or in the system we used assignments were owned and touched by tiers 2 and 3. I also believe that in the settings or on a task by task basis we should be seeing an option to  grant ticket access as well as a task to the ticket. Perhaps these settings can be made to be even more robust by restricting the types of tickets which can be grated access to via tasks.

    Man did this ever take time:

    Please note that all of the edits and code mentioned is for 1.6ST. To be blunt I have been a bit disappointed with the speed of which OSticket has released updates and the speed by which it has progressed. As a result I have not taken the additional time yet to port my MOD(s).

    Generally speaking though now that 1.10 has been released the linking and some of the other features of that portion of the MOD would be better suited to close and convert linked tickets to tasks. I would need to dig deeper into the tasks and see if they can have a different originator that the main ticket. If not then I'd need to leave the MODs premise alone. If so then I'd want to add functionality to send the same closing message to all "linked tickets" or tasks. Also of importance here is that you'd need to include or modify reporting to include those tasks in your ticket counts. After-all you want to be able to show management how many tickets and calls you've resolved and how long you've spent on each.
  • @Rich_C: Thank you very much!

  • On a side note I found a MOD which is literally the same one I did but updated to 1.10. 

    They did a great job of using the existing look and feel of 1.10. 

    This is a ticket linking only.
  • Thank you @Rich_C
    That looks great indeed but for purpose of this thread it means I'll need to use tickets instead of tasks (to have them linked)
  • Maybe someone from you guys can help me :

    example :
    A customer buy several mobile phons. But he need also some SIM-cards . 
    We have a custom field (in the phone ticket) where is a link to a separate ticket for the SIM-Cards. 
    So every Agent know for this ticket , there is another ticket that belongs together.

    Can i do this also wth your plugin ?
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