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suggestion : add function to backup database and all settings

It possible to add function for backup database pointing to local storages or VIA Network,
in-case the production server failed than from database backup can restore to others server.

also include all settings 


  • There is no need for a function like this as you (or your sysadmin) should manage your database and www pages backups, where then you can specify the location of the backup. 

    In Linux this is super easy as there are literally thousands of articles around of how to make backup of mysql database using mysqldump and tar/gzip for www pages :) Although, I do understand that some people are using windows as they have no access extra resources.

    If you don't have anyone who are doing constant backups or you don't know how to, I would suggest reading up on that as that will help you in the long run.
  • Hi @sperrow

    Thanks for suggestion, 

    I just cross the idea when this function available than can much help if delegated to lower staff to maintenance :)
    so no need log to production server and do some script for backup, 
    just 1 set configure than go :)
  • I would suggest instead to set up a cron (if Linux) or a scheduler (if Windows) to do the full backup at specific time every day.

    There are multitude of problems with having a staff access to backup options, some of them:
    • If the osTicket system is used by a lot of people and the database is large, when the backup happens, the tables will have lock on them, which means unintended consequences. You can get around the lock, but then you risk of having inconsistent backup.
    • Apache (for Linux) is being run as nobody or apache (or any other user, depends on distro), which means you will need to deal with access to the database, e.g., passwords.
    • Security risk if your system is visible to outside internet.
    If you want to backup only tickets/organisations/users/settings, you can do that in Linux by specifying which tables to back up, again, you will risk of having inconsistent database :)

    I don't think it is a bad idea per se, I might be too paranoid here, but it has a lot of obstacles to consider, while proper backup mechanism (backend) just does not have them.
  • I'm actually going to chime in and back up @sperrow here.  This sort of thing does not belong in the core functionality.  It could however be very easily achieved using a plugin or even easier with a simple cron script as described above.
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