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[resolved] Disabled issue details for several help topics - email templates issue/question

Hi guys,

recently upgraded to 1.10 and since it's now finally possible to disable "issue details" for specific help topics, I did so.

Unfortunately it seems now that when users and agents create a new ticket under such a help topic that has the "issue details" disabled, the "New ticket alert" email they receive, has %{message} in it. So the variable %{message} doesn't get replaced (since there is no message due to disabled "issue details"), but it also doesn't get deleted, so users and agents receive the "New ticket alert" with the content %{message} which confuses them - users more than agents for sure :D 

So is there any way to work around this issue?
Removing %{message} from the email templates is not an option since we still have several other help topics where the "issue details" field shall still be enabled.

Already played around with variables and searched here at the forum and over on github, but did not really found a solution - closest topic I found was the following, but it's still not the same issue:

Something like "there is a workaround and you need to do ... to get it working" or "there is no workaround currently" is enough as an answer ;)

Thanks in advance and cheers,


  • I've never tried to do this.  I'm thinking that you will need to do a bug report / feature request at github to get a work around though. :)
  • Ok, thanks Neil :)
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