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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

New V1.10 install, multiple bugs/issues found within agent panel

First the requisite info:
osTicket ver: v1.10 (901e5ea)
Web server: Apache
MySQL: 5.5.52
PHP: 7.0.14

We upgraded 1.9.15 to v1.10 last night. My team has been using the new application all day and have discovered the following issues with the agent panel
1. The Post Reply button does not work in the quick menu (the new white menu at the top of the page that drops down as you scroll.)  The orange Post Reply button at the bottom of the ticket works just fine.
2. The Reset button at the bottom of the ticket does not work.  When you click it nothing happens.  It should remove the current text from the ticket draft.
3. When you are replying to a ticket, if you are typing a long sentence or long string of characters quickly and then hit the enter key immediately after you type the last word, the system does not register the enter key. If you type slowly and then wait one second to hit the enter key it works fine. This one is a little harder to troubleshoot because it doesnt happen on every ticket, seems to be somewhat random.



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    Errors from php logs? Web Browser?  Others tried?   

    I presume that you mean the Agent side of things when viewing a ticket for all these things:

    1. The white post reply button at the top does exactly what it is supposed to do, which is move the focus to the Port Reply box.

    2. That reset button didn't do anything in 1.9 either.
    There is this bug report that I have updated at github:

    3.  I see what you mean. I'll pass this along to the devs to report upstream to Redactor. (the WYSIWYG editor used in the project).
  • 1. Ok, that makes sense.
    2. Ok, Not a huge deal, but seems like it would be pretty simple to implment , a basic clear form command.  
    3. cool, thanks.  We've noticed the WYSIWYG editor is doing strange things at random (overlapping text, etc.) but this is the biggest issue we saw across multiple browsers and PCs.  

    Thanks for the quick response.  We will continue to report issues to help make this product even better.

    One thing I have to mention ... My team is OVER THE MOON excited at how fast the new v1.10 is.  moving between tabs, opening tickets, replying to tickets, searches, etc.. everything is lightning fast.  Not sure if its PHP 7, or the new code base, but man is it fast.  Great job!!!  If anyone is on V1.9x and on the fence about upgrading to 1.10, I highly recommend it; the upgrade was easy and the performance improvement is mind blowing. 

  • Thanks for the follow up!  :)

    I think that its both moving the code base towards ORM and PHP7 that speeds it all up. :)  
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