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No language other then EN can be set in the user profile


with the version v1.10-rc.2 (231f11e) I could set the language in the user profile to for example German without any problem.

Now, with version
v1.10 (901e5ea) the language is always set back to EN, even so I select and save another language. Is it because the new language pack is not available yet? But why did it work then with the RC2 version?

Thanks already for your help and thanks for making the ticket system better and better...


  • The 1.10 language files haven't been released yet so...
  • OK, i thought so, thanks, i will be waiting...
  • What I think would be neat is if Google has some sort of plugin/engine for websites/apps and it did the translation on the fly, not needing language files anymore. Just code the site in one language, then the viewer can choose whichever language they prefer. Unless this exists and I am just ranting on. 
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