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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

searching for emails does not seem to be working correctly.

Let's say for example we have a user in osTicket with the following info:
name: Paul Austin
email :

Inside the Agent Panel, if we search for 
1)   Paul Austin ----> we get every ticket that has the words Paul OR Austin in them
2)   "Paul Austin" ----> we get only tickets with the user Paul Austin
3) ---->  we get every ticket with a @hotmail in the email
4)   "" ---> we get only tickets for Paul Austin

#2 and #3 are obviously correct behavior. I think #1 should be treated as an "AND" rather than "OR" but I could be wrong.  The real issue is the email address.  In v1.9.15 we could definitely search by full email and had not issues.  Seems in v1.10 you must use quotes.  Is this a bug or is this the intended behavior in this new version?  Sort of strange that it is just looking at the @hotmail and ignoring the first part.  

Server Information
osTicket Versionv1.10 (901e5ea) —  Up to date
Web Server SoftwareApache
MySQL Version5.5.52
PHP Version7.0.14


  • edited December 2016
    Quotes help search the exact word phase you want, using quotes will search for that string of text in the same order. If you didn't use quotes it would find everything and anything with any names/search entries you have entered. When searching applications, google, or any other place, you use the same searching functions to help find what you are looking for. I would assume this is default because I see this every where. 
  • I thought so also, but the email address is the one that doesnt make sense.  Somehow osTicket is treating the @ symbol as a break or space rather than a character.  In v1.9.15 you didnt need to use quotes for email addresses. I understand having spaces in a name can cause search to an "or" type search but email addresses have no space, so it really should lookup the entire email address..  Strange it was working in 1.19 and now not working in v1.10  
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