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Importing users into organization

I imported a list of users and added an organization header in the csv. I already had the organization created in osticket. When I imported the users they were not added to the organazion. 

Is this functionality not avaiable yet?


  • User import only imports information into the Contact Information form.  There is no way to add Organization to that form.  

    I dont recall anyone ever requesting the feature to allow implrt to add people to Organizations.
  • Well i actually have the same problem.

    I have to bring 1.300 users in more than 300 Companies into the System. So it would be kinda nice, if i can use the CSV-Import to introduce users and companies with just one click.

    @ wizard you can define domains for the organizations. Every user with the domain in his mail will be connected to this user, even if youre use CSV-Import. Users already in the System dont get connected automaticy (may reupload, havent tried this till now).

    Finaly i would enjoy an CSV-Import for organizations either, but thats another point... ^^
  • Can't you use LDAP Auth plugin with OSTicket? Or are these users not using AD environment? 
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