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Answered triggering overdue


It is common for the first agent response to be to ask for more information from the customer (ie haven't actually solved the customers problem yet).
If we mark the case as Resolved it shows up in the customer-visible history as Closed which customers react badly to.
I think we should leave the case as Answered, however it then gets flagged as overdue.

What is the correct handling/configuration here? The agent has replied the ticket so it is not overdue from our POV... just waiting for the csutomer.



  • I may want to take a look at, it contains SLA changes which changes SLA based on working hours + you can set to recalculate SLA based on last response.

    This pull adds a "Revolving" option to SLAs that will base the ticket overdue trigger on the ticket.lastresponse date instead of ticket.created or ticket.reopened. It currently will not mark tickets as overdue if they are answered and waiting on a response from the requester.

    Beware: It is semi-compatible with 1.10, thus you will need someone with good php knowledge to "slightly" fix it, but it is doable.
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