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Duplicate entry on table attachment

I cleaned up my unused 1.9? osTicket by deleting all tickets and some settings. After this I upgraded it to 1.10 to start new on another focus. Now I get sometimes error-mails:

[INSERT INTO `ost_attachment` SET `file_id` = 266, `type` = 'D', `object_id` = 557, `name` = 'screenshot-e8wq']

Duplicate entry '557-266-D' for key 'file-type'<br /> <br />

I was afraid, that there are some zombie-records in the database. So I tried to check this:

select * from osticket.ost_attachment left join (osticket.ost_file) on (osticket.ost_attachment.file_id = where IS NULL

I get no records :-(

If I ask to the duplicate record (select * from `ost_attachment` where `file_id` = 266 and `type` = 'D' and `object_id` = 557) i see, that the field name is NULL, but I have more nameless records - I guess this is normal.





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