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How to edit agent signatures

Where is the option to edit each agent's signature from the admin panel?  I'm looking under Agents > Agents > Account but do not see any signature box?



  • edited December 2016
    In 1.10 Agents edit their signatures in their profile.
    Agent panel -> Profile -> Signature (tab)
  • ok, so no way for admin to monitor or make sure they don't put something goofy / offensive in their signature??

    Occasionally we will have a rep who decides to be "cute" and put something off-color in the signature box, we have no way of monitoring that now without going in to closed tickets and looking at their sigs.  Seems like a bit of a step backwards.

  • Use Department Signatures?
    Pull their information from the database to audit it on a regular basis?  

    This SQL query will pull usernames and signatures.
    SELECT username,signature FROM ost_staff;

  • that is helpful, thank you!
  • Just a thought, why not give your rep an official warning, so he stops doing it? :)
  • I had that thought too... but decided it wan't my place to tell him to reprimand his employee. :)

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