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Organizations export only exports open tickets.

Osticket 1.10(901e5ea)
PHP 5.6.25
MYSQL 5.7.14

When I export tickets from a organization the export only contains open tickets, closed tickets are not possible to export.

link provided by the export is: www.???.com/scp/orgs.php?id=22&a=export&t=tickets


  • edited December 2016
    Hello, try this:

    I can confirm that it does not work, same with open/closed tickets. It basically boils down to edit include/class.export.php around line 85 and comment this out:

                array('modify' => function(&$record, $keys) use ($fields) {
                    foreach ($fields as $k=>$f) {
                        if (($i = array_search($k, $keys)) !== false) {
                            $record[$i] = $f->export($f->to_php($record[$i]));
                    return $record;

    Although, it still gives out error:
    [Wed Dec 21 11:04:31 2016] [error] [client x.x.x.x] PHP Warning:  mysqli_result::free(): Couldn't fetch mysqli_result in /xx/xx/osticket/upload/include/mysqli.php on line 185, referer: https://xxxx/scp/orgs.php?id=5

    I guess it is something that developers did not manage to fix in time.
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