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Can´t paste images from clipboard


I use v 1.10

All modern wysiwyg editors allow to paste images from clipboard 

I think that OSTicket is using Imperavi Redactor wysiwyg editor (which allows pasting images from clipboard)

But inside OSTicket, when I try to paste and image form clipboad, 
it appears a small animated icon for 2 seconds, 
then the icon dissapear but image is not pasted!

It seems a bug...

Can you allow paste images from clipboard?



  • Pasting images is allowed and works, its just really...particular and random. We've been testing to try and see what causes the issue but it doesn't paste only on some installs, it doesn't work with only some pictures, and so far all of my installs of 1.10 seem to work just could try deleting the draft of the editor (trash can in top right corner of editor) and then try pasting again, this seems to help in some situations.
  • I am having the same issue - I find that I don't have the trash can at first - I have to refresh the screen then I get the trash can and then I can paste.
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