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performance drop in v1.9.12

Hello, we're using osTicket on premise v.1.9.12 since over 15 months. Currently there's around 45k tickets, the whole database is around 6.5 GB. We're facing some significant performance drop sice a month or so. When trying to reply to a message it often takes roughly 30 seconds. Also when trying to generate the "print ticket" view - it's much longer than before (up to 1 minute). 

One thing that comes to my mind is archiving some of the old tickets: but how exactly should I approach it? I would change the status of tickets in "ticket" table and move related threads (by ticket_id) from "ticket_thread" table to "ticket_thread_archive" that I will create. But maybe there's a more civilized way to approach it.

Thanks in advance for any hint!
All best,


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