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Difference between two Ticket Filter rules?


I am setting up osTicket so that when a user inputs data in to my form manager, it will send a notification to "support@" which is linked with osTicket. The form manager sends emails from "no-reply@" and the purpose of the filter is to use the reply-to address rather than "no-reply@"

When setting up the rules, I have two options. One is "User Data" > "User / Email Address", and the other is "User Information" > "Email".

Which one is the correct one and most appropriate to use in these circumstances, and what is the difference? By the sounds of things, the first is referring to registered users that have been manually added or have registered, but I am not sure.

Thanks for any help!


  • So you are saying when you open a ticket, you get an email from No-Reply, you would like it to see Support@ or whatever email instead of No-Reply@? Just trying to get a better understanding.
  • It isn't the easiest to explain. Basically, all outgoing notifications from my form manager are sent from "no-reply@". I can set the form notifications so what the user filling in the form enters in to the "Email" field, is set as the "Reply-To" address. Setting osTicket to use the reply-to address will mean my responses go to what the user entered in the email field and not the no-reply@ email address. (:
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    @lewisteck If I am not mistaken, what you are trying to accomplish will not work without modification.

    Please correct me if I am wrong.

    You have a form submission page for users to go enter their issue in and open a ticket. Within this form you have them enter their email in so you and OSTicket knows who opened the ticket, however, you want this user's email to be the email OSTicket sends the ticket details (and agent responses) to. BUT, you have this form manager using a No-Reply email where OSTicket is fetching emails from. - Does this sound about right?
  • What version of OSTicket are you using? 

    In 1.10 there is a ticket filter option to Use Reply To email address. This would create the ticket using the Reply To address which is what I think you are trying to do?

  • It definitely works in 1.10, as I've just taken a backup of the website and succeeded. My form successfully sends an email to support@, osTicket picks up the email - even picking up attachments - and the reply-to address is used with replies being sent to the email field entered on the form. The question now is the difference between the two filter rules and whether one offers a bigger benefit than the other.
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