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OSTicket V1.9.12 - Add the affected agent ticket email address for reply notification

Hi everyone,

I would like to put the email address of the affected agent of a ticket instead of the collaborator section here :


Can someone help me to do that ?

Thanks a lot !



  • Hello! I see you joined yesterday, welcome to the community. From your photo, this is where you would have other agents that would collaborate on a ticket together. What is your ultimate goal for this @IFN?
  • Hi and thank you for your Welcome :) I know i would have other agents here but i juste want the system to put automatically the email of the affected agent of the ticket instead of "collaborator", the ultimate goal for this is for when someone send a message to the customer, the affected agent will also receive the message. Thank you for your help @Synt4xError :)
  • @IFN Did you want to replace the text Collaborators to Affected Agent?
  • Collaborators are a USER thing, not an AGENT thing.
    Only user accounts can be collaborators.
    I'm not sure what you mean by "affected agent".
  • @Synt4xError

    Yes, this is exactly what I want ! :)

    By "affected agent" I mean the agent who is in charge of the ticket

    Thanks !
  • I guess he wants the agent who creates the ticket also to be notified by email of the new ticket.
  • That's what alerts are for.

    Admin Panel > Settings > Tickets > Alerts and Notices

    And there are several settings for Assigned Agent / Team

  • @blueyeguy

    The alert is already actived but if for exemple I'm the affected agent and I post a message in "Post reply" section, the system will notify the customer but not me and that's what I want haha
  • The Agent who creates a ticket would only get updates if they were the Agent that the ticket was assigned to or if they are a member of the Department that the ticket is assigned to.
  • You could I suppose create a user account for the agent, so that you could add that user account as a collaborator, although if you are sending the reply, you already know you sent the reply, so why do you need an alert letting you know that you sent the reply?
  • @blueyeguy

    Yes that can be a solution too. In fact I want this kind of alert because my boss ask me to do it, he want us to be notified on every action we made even if the message is posted by the affected agent :)
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