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osTicket v1.10 (stable) and Maintenance Release v1.9.15 are now available! Go get it now

How to uninstall OSTICKET 1.10

Since l'm not able to solve the issues l had on this version :
- Staff cannot change their password
- we cannot create a new ticket

l'd like to uninstall this version on my web server and try the 1.9.15 version if it works with my system.

please can someone help on this ?


  • Please help us to help you by reading and following the posting guidelines located in this thread: Please read before requesting assistance.  The more information you give us the better we will be able to assist you. Thank you.

  • delete the files.
    delete the datebase.
  • @bergeron I would suggest first to backup current files/database, then
    1) download the whole osTicket 1.10 package again
    2) install the database
    3) do not change any settings, e.g., language, forms, etc
    4) Make sure you have php 5.6 (e.g., 5.6.28) installed or php 7.0 (not 7.1)
    5) Make sure you have all php extensions installed (Admin Panel > Dashboard > Information > PHP Extensions)
    6) Make sure you have date.timezone set in php and you have restarted httpd(apache) after installing packages/making changes to configuration file.

    If it still does not work, then revert back to previous version. If it does work - introduce changes gradually and see what breaks it. I have seen similar issue when you had previously set profile to use different language file and it broke stuff. Please do note, do not overwrite existing files, move existing files to a different location before trying vanilla installation.

    That's all I can recommend for you. 
    Other options include installing different OS, but sometimes it is not possible. It is worth noting that I have CentOS 6 and php 7.0 and I have almost no issues at all.
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