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SMTP Error

Our osTicket installation decided to stop sending emails after we upgraded to 1.10 on December 5, 2016.

The system was successfully sending emails to external email addresses [gmail, yahoo, etc.] from the no-reply@ourdomain email address and the alerts@ourdomain [I'm intentionally not putting our domain info in here] as well as our default address before the update. After the update, it would send fine from no-reply@ and alerts@, but not our default support address. The default address was sending mail to our other domain addresses just fine  using the default MTA settings though. 

I thought that maybe the issue was something new with SMTP not being set up and using the default MTA settings, so I tried to set it up only to get this:

Unable to log in. Check SMTP settings.

Sending Email via SMTP     
Failed to connect to our.mail.server:465 [SMTP: Invalid response code received from server (code: -1, response: )]

I searched the forums, and couldn't find this particular error anywhere, thus the new post. I still haven't been able to get SMTP working with osTicket, but it is working across various email senders across our domain as well as for mail clients [desktop and gmail], so I am certain that the settings are correct.
However, after switching the administrator email address with the support address, the system is magically sending emails out to external domains again with the default MTA settings -- any ideas why this would happen?


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