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Co-existence of the Old and New Version of osTicket in the Same Server

I am planning to upgrade the existing osTicket version from v1.9.12 to v1.10.  May I install the new version in the server at which the old version is running?  While I am performing the installation of the new version, can the old version run at the same time?


  • Sure.  I run 5 instances off the same server.  Each one has its own directory and database.
  • But during installation, do we need to boot the server?  If it do, It would affect the production system.
  • I'm not sure what you mean.  The server needs to be up and running to install anything.  If you are asking if the server will need to be rebooted the answer is probably no. You may need to restart/reload the webserver software after making configuration changes.
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