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what is the Rules Matching Criteria: Addressee (To and Cc) for

  php 5.4.45
  vanilla install version 1.9.14
  email piping: tested and working

In the "Rules Matching Criteria" drop down options under the ticket filter there are:
  Email Meta Data
    Reply-To Email
    Reply-To name
    Addressee (To and Cc)
  I set up a rule to reject ticket which addressee does not contains the Default System Email:
  - Match Any
  - Addressee (To and Cc) Does not contain <default system email>
  - Reject

I've tested by sending an email from an external email account to the default system email. the email reaches the mailbox but not going thru as open ticket, can someone advise please?

Is the addressee represent the "To:" in the email header?




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    This thread does not appear to be a Suggestion or Feedback.  Moving thread to Troubleshooting and Problems section of the forums.

    What is it that you are actually trying to do?
  • Hi Thanks

    The incoming email sometimes has a random "To:" in the email header. For example I received a ticket whose To: is "undisclosed" which is not (or does not contain) our default system email

    I want to reject those tickets.


  • It sounds to me like you're putting a bandaid on a gunshot wound and you should probably be addressing that at the mailserver or spam firewall level.  It's my understanding that happens when the TO field is left blank (but the CC and/or BCC field is populated with an actual email address, or if it contains a group. The email RFCs do not appear to mandate this behavior.).  If the mail is in the mailbox osTicket will collect it. 

    For making a filter to do this I'm not sure if it is a blank field or the "undisclosed" that you would need to filter on as I'm not sure if the undisclosed is actually there or a by product of the mail client.  You would have to look at the headers on the server to determine that.

  • Hi Thanks

    By undisclosed I mean In that email header it appears:

    To: undisclosed

    also I want to know what Addressee (To and Cc ) refers to (or which part of email header)? I guess it's the To: in the email header. but from my test it doesn't look like it.
  • the rules for To and CC does not work in osticket 1.10 and/or 1.9 another long time bug not resolved
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