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[resolved] Tickets view


How can I change 'priority' colom to 'department' in 1.10?

In v1.9 I updated the 'include\staff\
with code

added 366 to 368 >>

<th width="280">
<a <?php echo $dept_sort; ?> href="tickets.php?sort=dept&order=<?php echo $negorder; ?><?php echo $qstr; ?>"  title="Sort By Department <?php echo $negorder; ?>">Department</a>

added 444 to 446 >>

<td align="center" class="nohover">
<?php echo $row['dept_name'];?>


But in 1.10 in 'include\staff\' I can't see the code to change.


Can someone help me?


  • Or it is another way to do it? I just need a column 'department' in tickets view
  • This thread covers pretty much every contemporary version of osTicket for how to add columns.

    Side note: once the Custom Queues feature is included editting the source for this should no longer be necessary.
  • Moving thread to Mods and Customizations
  • @nohcho82
    I love that you posted this, because I need the EXACT same change, for some reason, Department shows under OPEN, but not in the other groups, which is strange. 

    glad I found this.
  • edited January 2017
    I followed the link but it  did not hemp me. I dont need to create custom fields. I want just replace 'Priority' to 'Department' like on my creenshots hier on top.
    I attach my file 
    Can you help me please.
    Thanks a lot
  • All the information you need to make that change you could find in that thread, but if you are looking for someone to do it for you,

    it should be as simple as changing the label about line 65 from Priority to Department

    and about line 594 changing:

    <td class="nohover" align="center"
                        style="background-color:<?php echo $T['cdata__:priority__priority_color']; ?>;">
                        <?php echo $T['cdata__:priority__priority_desc']; ?></td>


    <td class="nohover" align="center"
                        <?php echo $T['dept__name']; ?></td>

  • Many many thanks:)
    I have only basic knowledge, sorry. Thats why I did not know where to change the code. But know I understood. If I rename only the label from 'Priority' to 'Department' the sort is still by priority, so I changed it as well.

    'priority' => array(
                'width' => '16%',
                'heading' => __('Department'),
                'sort_col' => 'dept__name',

    Ones again thank you very much:)
  • @Nohcho82, did Blueyeguy's answer resolve your question?
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