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[resolved] Include original attachment on ticket reply and collaborator's copy


the scenario is that a ticket comes in from a customer with an attachment (lets say a registration form), customer service need to reply to the customer informing them they have copied the accounts team in and the accounts team will deal with it.

When the accounts team get that email copy, there is no attachment as all replies from the ticket system don't include attachments.

Rather than just including attachments on collaborators emails, lets make it a bit easier and say it is possible to always include the original attachment in any reply or CC? 

I've looked through all settings and this forum and can't seem to find any solution.



  • Version of osTicket?

    Have you tried adding the %{message.files} variable to your New Ticket Alert template?
  • Sorry, it's v1.9.5.1.

    Yes, already tried that so the bottom half of the body of the email looks like:


    I have just installed v.1.0 on my test server so testing it out on there as according to the docs, this should be possible now.
  • I'm quite certain that your version ( predates being able to send attachments this way as I dont think that it was added until 1.10-dpr
  • Texted on v.1.10 by adding the variable to the New Ticket Alert template and the attachment comes through so that's a good start.

    However this isn't what I need, I need the original attachment to come through on the Response/Reply Template and when adding the variable into that template I just get the error:

    Some variables may not be a valid for this context. Please check for spelling errors and correct usage for this template. 
  • Yes, I read too that it was only possible in 1.10 which it seems to be but not for every template as far as I can see. Viewing the supported variables on any template in 1.10 - none of them show %{message.files} as being supported (although it does work on New Ticket Alert)
  • I'm not aware of a way to do what you want then.  
  • Incidentally, I tried %{response.files} as I saw the logic in that it may not recognise message.files given it is a response and not the original message which funnily enough it accepted on the template without any issue however this doesn't pick the attachment up in the response.
  • That's a shame then, I'm not sure why including the attachment in all correspondence wouldn't be an option. I'm sure it may not be the 'norm' but it can't be that unusual a requirement can it?
  • You are the only person that I remember ever asking for a way to include original thread attachments in every email. 
  • Ha ha, obviously just me then. Thanks for your help.
  • Very welcome.  

    Should I mark this as resolved and close it?
  • Yes please close it as it doesn't appear to,be possible.
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