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Add a tab/table to Dashboard -> Statistics. How?

Hi all,

I'd like to add a table to Dashboard -> Statistics, where currently Department, Topics & Agent show. We would like to add a tab/table for Organizations, which shows per organization the amount of open/closed/etc tickets for the selected time period.

Is this easy/doable? Where do you recommend I start?


  • I would start by looking at /scp/dashboard.php
    And then proceed to /include/staff/

    You will of course need to know PHP and HTML to alter things.
  • Hi, we recently did something very similar (logging ticket time tracking per organisation then showing it on the dashboard). I don't think all my code will help but below are the files which I edited to do it, and a brief description of each:

    * include/ajax.reports.php : includes actual queries run on dashboard page.
    * scp/dashboard.php : sets the html to include the reports on the dashboard.
    * scp/css/dashboard.css : css styles for new table.
    * scp/js/ : javascript functions to switch between tabs and call data download.
    * scp/ajax.php : map urls to function calls.

    You'll have to write your own query to pull the data out, then call it. Speaking vaguely, I created renamed copies of most classes to ensure there was no clashing with the standard table. Hope that helps, feel free to post/PM me if you get stuck on something!

  • Thank you, ntozier & melipone  :)

    This sounds promising. My PHP skills are minimal, but there may be someone else in my organisation who can assist me with that.

    melipone, I'll PM you :)
  • Looks like I can't send you files via PM, I've attached them here instead. Sorry my osTicket version is actually v1.9.14, so it's possible the content in include/ajax.reports.php has been moved (maybe to include/staff/dashboard.php as I don't have that file, and ntozier mentioned it).

    Grep the files for "mod-" which bound the start and end of my changes/new code. I am also a very amateur php dabbler so it would probably be best to get your php person to check it!

    My SQL query produces time spent per organisation/department/staff member/ticket activity by category of time tracked, which is another customisation in my installation. If you simply copy/paste my code it will not work, you'll need to go through each file and tailor the class/content to your setup, particularly the SQL query.
  • Thank you so much! :)

    I think your code (for the dashboard) & osTicket reports (for more extensive reports) will get us far  :)

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