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Assigned Agent

Hello to all,
I installed the latest version of osTicket and I would like to ask you a question.
I put this setting "Assigned Agent"  that should send an email to the operator when it is assigned a ticket. But when I open a ticket, do not get any email. If a cue instead the box below (send email to team members) is working properly. Do you know if I have to change something else?
Do you need more info?

PHP ver. 5.6.24

Thank you


  • Define: "latest version".
    Define: "the operator"

    "But when I open a ticket, do not get any email."
    A better description of the process that you are doing might be good.  

    There is absolutely no reason why you opening a ticket would email you.  Unless opened the ticket using your email as the user (client), or a setting at: Admin panel -> Settings -> Tickets -> Alerts and Notices.

    New Ticket Alerts can be set to:
    Admin Email
    Department Manager
    Department Members
    Organization Account Manager
  • Ver 1.10
    the operator is the person who answers the tickets

    when you create a new ticket, the system can send an email to all members warning them of that department.Depending on the setting I have told you now should not assign it to the operator and send the email?
  • There is no concept of "Operator" in osTicket.  There are Users (who can open their own tickets), and Agents (who can open tickets for Users).  Your concept of operator could be either a User opening a ticket for themselves, or an Agent who has opened a ticket for a User.  

    You haven't shared your settings with us, nor indicated if it was a User or an Agent opening the ticket.  I'm not sure that anyone could help you with out more information (settings) etc.
  • edited January 2017
    The operator is the Agent.This is the setting that warns of ticket allocation.After the ticket has been opened by the agent, the system assigns it to the department. After assigning can then assign it to an agent?

    I hope I explained better

  • The entries are:
    Assigned Agent
    Team leader
    Team members

  • "After assigning can then assign it to an agent?"

    Yes. It can be assigned to an Agent AND a Department / Team.
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