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Multiple Managers / A Way to allow someone to view all tickets from their department?

In the past, there was a mod to allow multiple managers for a department, basically flagging a user as a manager so that user could see the assigned tickets of everyone else in that department.
Our company currently works on that premise. I know there are teams now, but that is not really how we want to use the system.

The reason for this is because we have a department manager, but that department also has a supervisor, who needs to make sure tickets are being handled correctly.
Is there still a relatively easy mode to allow this functionality? Or something built in? 
Let me know.

Jason Pichie


  • jpichie, I don't know for sure. But, you might want to check out below permission.
    Edit Thread —
    Ability to edit thread items of other agents

    It could be a bit overkill through.
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