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Error attaching files: undefined500

When I am posting a ticket Replay, and try to attach a File, it shows the error:

File Upload Error:

This occurs right after attach the file and before post the replay. I am attaching text files with 10 bytes. I verified allowed extensions, max size, etc. I tried saving in Database and installing plugin to safe in Folders. I tried with Mac and Windows PCs and several browsers. I am running osticket in a Linux server.

Logs in the server say nothing about this issue.

My configuration:
osTicket Version: v1.10 (901e5ea)
Web server: Apache
MySQL Version: 5.1.68
PHP Version: 5.5.38


  • Some modern web browsers have developer tools, so you might be able to open them and see if there are any errors on the browser side.
  • edited January 2017
     I was testing in a Mac using Chrome.. attached are error displayed in debugger window.

    Following the links, I found that error is in line 678 in filedrop.field.js:  xhr.send(builder);

    But still don't know what cause it.

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