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Export all data from ticket

Hello, is it possible to export all the information of a ticket?
I mean to have a detail of all the fields, and not only those that are by default (Ticket Number, Date, Subject, From, etc.)
We have a personalization of a form and we are interested in knowing the options that select the user, to later obtain statistics

Osticket version 1.9.15


  • The export feature doesn't let you export absolutely everything.  You would have to do that at the SQL level or write your own script.
  • can you please give me an example how to do this?

  • You could try something like this

    SELECT tTicket.`ticket_id`, tTicket.`user_id`, tTicket.`status_id`, tTicket.`dept_id`, tTicket.`sla_id`, tTicket.`topic_id`, tTicket.`staff_id`, tTicket.`team_id`, tTicket.`email_id`, tTicket.`source`, tTicket.`isoverdue`, tTicket.`isanswered`, tTicket.`est_duedate`, tTicket.`closed`, tTicket.`created`, tField.`name`, tField.`label`, tValues.`value` FROM
    (SELECT * FROM `ost_ticket`) tTicket
    (SELECT * FROM `ost_form_entry` WHERE `object_type` = 'T') tEntries
    ON tTicket.`ticket_id` = tEntries.`object_id`
    (SELECT * FROM `ost_form_entry_values`) tValues
    ON tEntries.`id` = tValues.`entry_id`
    (SELECT * FROM `ost_form_field`) tField
    ON tValues.`field_id` = tField.`id`
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