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Enable SSL on a Basic Ubuntu Server

I found myself asking (looking to be spoon feed) the following question by @philip52676 found below. His thread is closed so I'm creating this one on how to enable SSL on osTicket when running an Ubuntu Server 16.04.1 and osTicket v1.10

The Question
hello i'm new with this osticket but what I want is to implement using https instead of http. 
Can someone give the steps and the location of the .htaccess. I tried to search it but it gives and output of many directories.

what are the steps need to change from the osticket that I can attained to change it to https. Anyone will walk me through? thanks, by the way my osticket is running in Ubuntu

This question above was asked on the following two threads.

What I found to be the solution can be found at the following link. (Courtesy of Digital Ocean)
NOTE: On step 3 I ignored setting up the ServerName ServerAlias not sure if this is something that matters but I skipped it and it seems to be working fine. Unless someone could point out a good reason why not to skip them.

Hopefully this saves someone some Googling and Caffeine consumption :)  
Also if anyone has some key pointers please add them.


  • Love this, thank you for doing this it's much appreciated.
  • Just adding some keywords for peoples searches:
    enable https
    https Ubuntu
    https for .htaccess
    https osticket

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