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SMS Integration with VoIP Carrier.

edited January 2017 in Mods and Customizations
I'm more than willing once I figure this out to supply a how to:

What I'am doing - 
Our office telephone number is a VoIP number and can receive text messages, these text messages are sent to an office email.
As long as the replying email is exactly the same as the receiving email you can text someone back via email since you are replying to the originating email telephone number (example

This is what the email looks like before osTicket pulls it in.
To: (555) 505-1234
From: "WIRELESS CALLER" (323) 777-6565

Message: Test 1-2 (This is the inbound text message)

Note: You can reply to this message just keep it under 312 characters and only hit enter after you're done typing the message.


osTicket receives the text message with a slight issue and that above where it says "To: (555) 505-1234" only To: (555) 505 shows up in the ticket body.

When I send a response back to the phone it see's the following.
What I think I have figured out is to much info is being sent back to the phone so I created a email template with only one word in the subject and one word in the body which gained me a couple charters in the text back to the phone.


  • I wonder if Google Voice would work in a similar fashion. Great mod, hope to see it in action.
  • I want to add to the community if we can figure out the outbound of this it could be used to send us ticket updates etc to our cell phones without the need of an API
  • I figured out my inbound problem, 

    The Reply Separator Tag: for Strip Quoted Reply: located at admin panel > emails > settings
    was matching some info in the inbound message and cutting it short
  • in the image above it shows the reply email in the message. I need remove that. I have figured out how to send a reply to the phone that works. But with that reply email it makes the message look nasty. also is there a way to remove the The Reply Separator Tag: these settings only need to be applied to one outbound email and not the whole system.
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