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Unassign Ticket / Add other Topics to Dashboardpanel

edited January 2017 in Mods and Customizations
Hello everyone

I am currently trying to configure OSTicket for our support team and now I am searching for some adjustments. I have tried to search here in the forum or via Google but I did not really found what we need.

First this is our version:
osTicket Versio:              v1.10 (901e5ea)
Web Server Software:      Microsoft-IIS/8.5
MySQL Version:             5.7.17
PHP Version:                 7.0.9

What we need is that every agent must be able to unassign a ticket. The only solution I found was, that the department manager can unassign a ticket. We need this because our agents only work on a daily basis in the support team. If they can't finish the ticket in one day or can't reach the costumer (which opended the ticket), they need to unassign the ticket. These agents don't know who will be the next agent who can work on this ticket, so they can't just assign it to another agent. Plus the department manager is not always in the office and can unsassign this tickets for them. I could not figure out how to allow all agents to unassign tickets. How can I enable that for our agents?

Another question is, on the ticket panel we have currently the topics open, overdue, closed, new ticket. Is it possible to add others with different filters? Like in the "open" topic we would like to hide tickets which are already assigned to a agent, but sometimes all agents must be able to check if there are open tickets for a specific costumer regardless if they are assigned or not. So if we could add a topic for all existing tickets, we would be able to do that.

Last question: In the advanced ticket search you can save some search filters. Are these searches on a "per-agent" base or can I provide our agents with predefined saved searches? So for example I want to see all tickets from the last 30 days, I can do this and save this as saved search. But this is only for my user. If other agents need this too, can I let them use this saved search too or need they to save this by themselves?

Thanks in advance for your answers.


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