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Browser Notification "Do you want to leave this site?"


A draft is created in osTicket when editing in the text editor. Then if the agent attempts to leave the page in his browzer without submitting the note, the brower (tested in Chrome and in Internet Explorer) asks the agent if he would really like to leave the page because changes will not be saved. 

This is the proper response from osTicket, thereby preventing the agent from leaving without knowingly not submitting his note.

The problem, however, is that this notification only comes if a "Title" in the note is entered (which is also an optional field). If the note details is drafted without presenting a titel, the brower allows the agent to leave the page without a notification. This has caused some of our agents a few times to accidentally leave the page without submitting their note. 

Does anyone know where in the sourcecode I could change this so that the brower will notify an agent as long as something is entered in the "Title", "Details", or even if a document was added? 

Thanks for the help.  

osTicket Versioin: v1.9.15
Server Software: Apache 2.2.22 Ubuntu
My SQL Version: 5.1.73
PHP Version: 5.3.2-1 Ubuntu 4.30


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