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Creating a ticket when not logged in / LDAP plugin not working

Hello All,

... these are my first steps with osTicket.

I am using osTicket v 1.10 on an Ubuntu 14.04.5 server system. The installation runs fine and after the setup I was able to log into the system and do the first steps of configuration.

What I still cannot do is to cteate a ticket when I am not logged in. The plan was that users can create tickets without login into the system. They have to log in if they want to see their ticket status but to keep ticket creating as simple as possible I do not want to force them.

Has anyone of you maybe got an idea how to configure this?

Also I have installed and configured the LDAP plugin but I am not able to find a way to work with it. I had expected to be able to search an AD account somewhere but there was no possibility. Can anyone explain the first steps to me, please?

Many thanks in advance,
best regards



  • I will leave the LDAP issue to someone else that my have more experience or information to provide, but I noticed this other thread in the forums that may help you with your first question.

  • Did you apply the fix in this?
    (not that there is also another fix linked in the thread that should be applied)
  • @Synt4xError: I have followed the thread but unfortunately this has not solved my problem. The solution discribed I cannot use because I do not find the setting in my osTicket installation.
  • @ntozier: The line that should be removed is not extisting in my auth-ldap.phar file ...
  • I'm not real sure what it is that you are trying to convey to us.
  • I have tried to do the changes that are discribed in the linked Posts ...
  • Tried?  Or have?

    The LDAP plugin allows users to log in using their LDAP credentials.  It does not allow people to not log in and create tickets.  If yo ugo to Admin panel -> Settings -> Users

    Registration Method and Registration Required are used together to configure how users register and access the web portal of your help desk. The table below summarizes how the two settings are interpreted by the system.
    Registration RequiredRegistration MethodResult
    NoPublicRegistration encouraged but not required for new tickets.
    YesPublicRegistration and login are required for new tickets
    NoPrivateAnyone can create a ticket, but only agents can register accounts
    YesPrivateUser access is by invitation only
    NoDisabledNo one can register for an account, but anyone can create a ticket. This was how osTicket functioned prior to 1.9
    YesDisabledDisable new tickets via web portal
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