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Intra-Organizational Tickets

Does osTicket 1.10 have the capability of intra-organizational ticketing - users opening tickets among co-workers?


  • Not sure I quite follow on Intra-organizational ticketing. could you explain a little bit more what you mean?
  • We have service contract customers which would like to start logging issues. When an issue arises on-site it needs to be logged (a ticket created), and dealt with internally if possible, and then forwarded on to us.

    An example; a school teacher contacts the IT help desk and says the projector is broken. The IT help desk logs the issue. Later that day the projector is looked at and it is determined that it is unable to be fixed. The IT help desk would update the ticket and then forward it on to our organization which would then address the issue. Once the ticket is closed, it would notify the IT help desk, who in turn would close out their linked ticket to notify the teacher.
  • Each time a ticket is updated, it sends an email. So you could use that to notify the other agency/company.

    But no there is really no other mechanism for alerting a 3rd party.
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