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Where is the documentation?

Do I need to log in to the wiki to see the full documentation?

Please don't seriously tell me that it's just what I see on the wiki and the forum.  I can't find anything with searches on the forum, every search returns so much garbage that it's pointless to even bother.


  • I guess the only available documentation as of now is available at the wiki, over at the github wiki pages and on @ntozier's personal webpage, 

    But you may want to take a look yourself 

  • I'm locked out of anything besides a few links on the wiki.  I can't login there with forum credentials.

    However, if I hit random page about 30 times, I find a few more pages than are listed on the front page.

    Do I need to login to the wiki to view other pages at the wiki?

    I found when googling tonight but thank you very much for the github link; those basics are super helpful.

    In googling OSticket guide, I was brought to a Google Doc that was apparently a phishing attempt.

  • I honestly have never tried to look at any of the pages so I will let one of the other mods address the question about needing to login to do so.

  • Q: Do I need to login to the wiki to view other pages at the wiki?
    A: No.

    The official documentation is at the wiki and at github.
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