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Do all mods & customizations require editing PHP files?

I'm a new administrator thinking that OSTicket is not for me, so I need some clarity on this.

Is everyone on here customizing their setup to add necessary features by making extensive edits to various PHP files?

I have found 2 customizations in the forum that I would like to implement, but the pages of threads make this software an absolute horror show.  Threads I have read have, so far, always included all of following:
  • People needing help troubleshooting their PHP programming.
  • People who the recommended custom PHP edits broke their system.
  • Reports that the customization breaks within 2-3 point versions.
What's going on here?  I'm not editing a PHP file in 27 different places to modify the system, who does that unless you're a programmer and you want to manage your own software package using OSticket as a starting point?


  • Hi there, not sure if you are aware of what opensource is, but usually programming is involved in open source to modify it to your liking. The amazing features OSTicket has in it currently are what have been added thus far. More is always to come in future updates. This is ran by a community of people who do this on their own time, unless paid then they will help customize it. Documentation of what modifications were done will always help you in the future if you update. 

  • "I'm a new administrator thinking that OSTicket is not for me"

    I would agree with this statement based on the numerous posts you have made. It sounds to me like you are looking for a very robust full featured system, without having to pay for it. And that you either lack the skill to make the necessary changes to this opensource and free offering to make it meet your needs, or that you simply do not wish to invest the time in doing so. I have been using osTicket for 6 years now and does it have every feature built right into it that I would want? No, but I either have gotten by with work arounds, or have educated myself in how to make those changes, and have tapped into the very active and helpful community in these forums and on github to help me. 

    I wish you luck in your search and I hope that you find a product that meets your needs, but it does not sound like osTicket is that product. 
  • No, I disagree.  Certainly open source software should be customizable, but the amount of editing that some people are doing does not amount to this. It amounts to them creating their own customized ticket system using OSticket as a starting point.  If all that was ever offered was a 1.0 of the software, OK.  But you lose 99% of your customizations when you upgrade and you then have to start all over with a clean base and rewrite all your customizations again.  Shouldn't open source software be extendible?  Editing a source file in 10 different places isn't extendible.  What do you all do if/when there's an urgent security update?  I see now (too late) that the ability to implement plugins only came with version 1.8 of the software, so I understand that it is a new area, but where in the world are they and why are you all still editing PHP files in 10 different places?

    There should be a simple way to place your own files in a safe space that the system will use when present, so that upgrades need not be such a horror show.  Can a diff/merge program speed that along?  Probably sometimes, but I wouldn't think that anything else than scrutinizing code line by line could be a good idea.

    Where are the hooks?  Shouldn't quality open source software have some simple way to inject/overwrite code or css?

    Listen there are things I can accomplish in a way that, for me, seems a little inefficient, indirect or unintuitive.  I'm not talking about those things.  

    Let's just take the easiest example - merging tickets.  Nobody has written a plugin for this yet?  [And when I search for it, searches return anything with merging OR tickets.]  This feature is something I should have been able to take for granted, and it turns out that there's apparently no central place to find a "best" solution, no plugin, and the solutions that worked in one version broke in the next.  

    OSticket has been around long enough.  Why is there not an official list of 25 plugins that are the most common modifications that people make to their systems?  Why are there not apparently 25 plugins?

    OMG 1.8 was released in 2013????????????????  Plugin functionality has been available for 3 years?
  • I think part of my calculation here in having to redo things was that releases that likely broke customizations came far more frequently.  It appears that this wouldn't be the frequent recurring ordeal that I thought it was.

    I had to do some research to figure out release dates, because the OSTicket blog hides the years on blog posts.

  • You seem smart, why not contribute to the community and make plugins for folks for things like this. You have your mind set on what you want, and it seems you are extremely vocal about it. Put your typing skills to work and let's see what you can contribute. This is how OSTicket is, a community of folks helping everyone out. They are Clark Kent by day, Super Man by night. Do you want to be super man, or the taxi cab driver who dropped him off at the telephone booth? 
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