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Migration, Installation, & Mod Assistance

Hello All,

We're at our wits end here. It seems like I cannot find any developers for what seems to be a very simple task. I thought I would check one last time here before we decide to go over to a paid product. My needs below:
  1. Upgrade/Migrate data from v1.9.14 to the latest version.
  2. Preserve the responsive front end of our current system:
  3. Incorporate the ability to search by the status somewhere in the admin panel:
There will be surely more work for a capable programmer in the future as we have many other needs. 


  • This is, of course, paid work! :)
  • You should be able to do this with ease yourself :)

    1) Is straight forward, but does affect 2) and 3), make backups of osticket html/DB, put on v1.10 files on top of your current installation and when you will access the page it will offer to upgrade to it.
    a) Something goes wrong? restore DB backup, check what was the error - fix it or ask for help here
    b) Everything went ok? You have v1.10 now and front-end most likely is with vanilla look again

    2) Essentially not much has changed for client side of things, with slight copy paste of your css and html you could get back that functionality, or look for responsive theme here at mods forum section and build on top of that.
    *remember, diff is your best friend here if you got Linux, if windows - notepad++ compare does wonders too.

    3) Search functionality is already there under advanced, where you just pick the status you want. I know it is not a drop-down menu, but it does its job and does it good. + you can have saved searches too for more complex queries too.

    A note of warning: If you are not comfortable to do this on live (as you should not be), then make a virtual or clone a virtual (that is, if you are running it on a virtual) and make changes in your own time.
    You are not missing out a lot by slightly delaying the upgrade.

    If you are not comfortable with code and have no developer to do it, you might as well opt for paid version then, as it supports osTicket or - get a competent dev :p
  • relievemypc,

    I'm the developer for the reports MOD and have done several other customizations as well.  Please shoot me an email at scott (dot) m (dot) rowley (at) gmail (dot) com and we can discuss your needs.

  • So the migration went pretty well! The only thing that is missing so far is the front end of course and the custom lists as you can see in the screenshot attached. Anyone have any ideas?

  • I would check your PHP error logs and see whats going on.
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